Fixing a hole in a pair of leggings

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Here’s an awkward subject, what do you do when your leggings get a hole? Throw them away? Get annoyed because leggings only last five minutes? Sew it up then be sad because the ridge of stitching rubs or because it just grows into another hole?

Here is one simple solution, it’s not 100% invisible, but if you wear skirts and tunics over your leggings, nobody is going to notice. You need to be able to zig zag on a sewing machine, and have a needle for your machine that is suitable for sewing jersey. The correct needle has a rounded end rather than a sharp point so slips between the threads of the fabric rather than tearing into them and making a hole. This is often called a ballpoint needle.

The other thing you need is some jersey fabric which is similar to your leggings. You could sacrifice your first holey pair of leggings and cut them up to patch all subsequent pairs. Or use an old t-shirt, or buy a 10cm strip of jersey fabric: you can patch many pairs from that small amount.

1. Hold your leggings in front of you and have a look inside at the hole. That pesky hole is probably on or near the seam, that seems to be where legging holes hang out.


2. Cut a piece of jersey fabric that is at least 1cm bigger than the hole all round. Pin it over the hole on the inside of the leggings. It doesn’t matter if the patch goes over a seam, two seams or no seams, so long as it covers the hole nicely. Your patch might need to be square, or long and thin.

3. Set up your sewing machine and using a zig zag stitch, stitch the piece of fabric over the hole. It is helpful to take your time doing this as the elastic waist might try and get in the way. Try and get the patch as flat as possible, but be aware that this part of the leggings is cut and sewn to be a three dimensional shape, so you can only do your best. Secure the ends of the thread.


There are lots of other complicated solutions to the problem, like hemming the patch before you add it but honestly it’s not necessary, and any additional hems can create seams which could chafe.

If you follow this tutorial, the holes should stay patched for as long as the rest of the leggings are wearable. There are no sewing police and nobody is coming round to inspect your patching!

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