Cathedral Window Pin Cushion & Cushion

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Finally finished the cathedral window cushion I was working on the other week. The initial inspiration was seeing this beautiful cushion on pinterest, and wanting to know how it was created. Googling lead to this cute cute free pin cushion pattern and tutorial.

2014-03-14 18.03.49

As you can see, that tutorial is great and was easy to follow I love my new pin cushion. I weighted it down with some 2p pieces in the bottom while stuffing to stop it floating off across the desk. Have since used it every time I’ve sewn.

It was so satisfying that I cut out another 16 and worked them together into a full size cushion. This is the finished item:

2014-03-14 17.59.46

Both were entirely hand sewn, so took ages. One of my cats likes the cushion so much he’s slept on the fabric, the pinned project in progress and is now curled up asleep on the finished cushion. Tutors just don’t teach you how to deal with cats in your sewing when you’re taking a class. The cushion pad and grey linen are from IKEA and I used around 1.5m of the fabric, including the plain back. The linen was quite tough to sew, but has given the cushion a really weighty, sculptural appearance.

Suspect both might have been a bit neater if I had cut the fabric more precisely, but still very happy with the results. The jazzy star satin fabric in the background is destined to become a David Bowie/clown disco party dress at some point in the future.

The scraps were from my stash and there are some happy memories in those little pieces of fabric. Every bit of green, yellow, brown and blue in my stash is there, my stash is mostly red, pink, purple and black. Redressed the balance at the Knitting and Stitching show today with lots of greens and yellows.

2014-03-14 18.03.05

Planning to have lots of fun with these – think my next patchwork and quilting project might be to use them for a clamshells patterned cushion.

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