Making doll bedding for Lottie dolls

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My splendid six-year-old friend F was given some lovely little Lottie dolls for Christmas. She and her mum are turning a shelf into a home for the dolls using odds and ends. Mum asked me to make some bedding for this shoebox which magically becomes bunk beds when turned on it’s side.


Each piece is made from rectangles of fabric sewn together and very lightly stuffed. There are 6 little matresses which pile up for extra comfort and two duvets with pillows. The size of the matresses was based on the size of the box.

I made a paper template slightly larger to allow for seams, cut two rectangles from different fabric and machine sewed the two together, leaving a small gap for turning the right way round and stuffing. The duvets and pillows were done in exactly the same way, although I didn’t use templates as the scraps of fabric were generally only just big enough to make a rectangle.

Matresses, pillows and duvets for lottie doll beds

The award-winning dolls are themed around robots, pirates, ponies and other things which are much more intelligent and purposeful than princesses so the bedding couldn’t be too girly. They all fit snugly back in the box for storage, which impressed my kitten Stormageddon.

box of Lottie doll bedding

And a late addition to the blog post, a picture of the bed in the Lottie doll house, with one little lass tucked up in bed dreaming of adventures in time and space.

Lottie doll bedroom