Overlocking Class at The Make Lounge

Posted in Sewing

It seems to be accepted wisdom that making clothes from stretch fabrics is impossible and that overlockers are the evil mechanical octopuses of the sewing world.

Black jersey is the greatest thing to happen to fashion. It’s so easy and comfortable. Even when it goes grey I think it looks kinda cool and a bit rock. Reading Stretch-U, the best book about sewing stretch fabric I can find indicated that overlockers were the best way to sew stretch fabric so time to learn overlocking.

So last month I booked an evening of overlocker wrestling at The Make Lounge and overlocking turns out to be far less scary than it looks.

Although we were sewing with pretty printed cottons it was easy to see how useful the overlocker would be for sewing stretch fabrics. Having talked myself into wanting one, I’m now trying to talk myself out of it having discovered that they’re really expensive. *twitchy coveting*

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