Frustrating Crafting

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letticecraftsgrumpy today, I’m very cross with myself as a new sewing & knitting magazine arrived in the post yesterday, I was opening the packet while walking out the door and then discovered a massive cut with lots of blood on my hand. While trying to resolve the blood issue and find a plaster in my bag, I somehow managed to put the magazine, but not the acompanying pattern leaflet in my bag.

When I got home and realised the pattern bit wasn’t there, it was too late to retrace my steps across London and go and find it. A cleaner has undoubtedly swept it into a recycling bag with a pile of newspapers by now. So I have a magazine of patterns with no patterns. Very frustrating.

And these shawls are causing angst. The peachy red one is the North Roë Shawl and only half finished and already enormous and getting a little heavy and bulky. Love the pattern, love the yarn but they don’t play well together. Will probably carry on regardless.

The blue one is Rule of Three by Anniken Allis, only has about 5 more rows to go and is gorgeous but is a different shape to any shawls I’ve knitted before and I’m worried about how it will sit.

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