Tiny Hammer Pants

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Was skipping along in the sunshine the other day when I realised that I had absolutely no idea how hammer pants are constructed. Just think, if it was suddenly and unexpectedly Hammertime, being able to make hammper pants would be an essential skill.

While my wardrobe could undoubtedly do with some vibrant fancy pants, making small samples seemed like a better way to explore the construction.

The two pairs in the picture were photographed before elastic was added to the waist, to give a clearer picture of the shape.

On the right is a pair made from the ehow free pattern. I didn’t like the way this turned out as they’re a little too square. Mind you, making them this small doesn’t give much fabric to drape, so this would probably be fine for the pair you’re going to make yourself.

I don’t have the official Simplicity pattern for adults pictured on the ehow page, but I do have McCall’s 730 which has Barbie hammer pants and the ones on the left are from this pattern. This pattern works better at this scale, with the gusset making a nice nappy-shaped drape after the elastic was added, despite the thickness of the cotton.

Neither of these pants look quite right, but they will do. What’s really key with hammer pants is the drape of the gusset, but mostly what I’ve learned is that your hammer pants just won’t come to life unless you dance.

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