Tiny Mouse Clothes

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Flicking through the latest issue of Mollie Makes in the newsagent I spotted patterns for tiny mouse clothes. I can’t walk away from patterns for tiny clothes, even tiny mouse clothes. My file of patterns for tiny clothes has already burst at the seams so I might as well just carry on stuffing more patterns in.

The mouse clothes fit Blythe with no adjustments, although if I made them again I’d lengthen the skirt and pinafore dress by about an inch or two each. The sewing patterns are all printed in the magazine, although the knitted cardigan pattern isn’t included but can be found for free on the designer’s website Jenny’s Button Jar.

Making this entire set only took a few hours and was very simple and satisfying. The patterns are a lot easier than the Simplicity #2353 Blythe patterns which were complicated, but then I tend to prefer vague guidelines and making stuff up as I go when sewing. It was also more fun than tidying up my study which was what I was supposed to be doing this afternoon. I can’t get in the door because my projects and pattern files have exploded. How does that happen?

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  1. Oh, I wondered if they fitted Blythe! I might have to have a go…

    • They all came out a bit cropped, although widthwise they were fine, so you might want to consider making them a little longer.

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