Et Voila Voiles

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Today has mostly been about putting up new bedroom curtains and joyfully getting rid of the horrible ones which our predecessors left behind.

Making curtains is easy because it’s just sewing in straight lines. For the curtains, I literally just folded the selvege over once at the sides and sewed, then folded over the top and sewed the header tape on it.

The last job wil be to hem the bottoms, but the curtains need to be hanging on the pole before I decide how long each one should be as the ceiling, window frames are not quite level. The poles had to be positioned to look fairly even but are not. If I’d hemmed the curtains to identical lengths before hanging, they might not look even, so better to do it afterwards.

The new voiles were even easier. These were pre-made (from Rectella which is an amusing company name) and because they were too long they also needed hemming. As they had lovely professional hems at the bottom, it made much more sense to preserve the hem. I chopped the tops off and just folded them over and sewed a narrow channel for the curtain wire.

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