Recycled Sindy

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Do you love a before and after photo? Meet my Sindy doll rescued from a bad hair day with shiny new makeover.

Based on the number of dolls having a bad hair day in my local charity shop, a vicious haircut seems to be a bit of a right of passage before they’re discarded.

The internet is full of amazing customised OOAK refurbished dolls, given the chance to be played with again rather than wastefully consigned to landfill. It turns out to be pretty easy to revive an old doll.

My poor Sindy dolls all need some work, but I started with this lass, and gave her a good clean with some Cif, followed by some new flowing locks in Ginger Snap saran from

As Sindy’s head is quite hard, replacing the hair turned out to be quite a tough job, but I used the knot method and pushed the needle through with pliers. It took quite a few hours to re-root the entire head, but turned out really well.

Sindy has also been shopping and acquired a dress improvised from haberdashery scraps and lampshade fabric leftovers.

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