Sparkly Cardigan

Posted in Knitting

I have cast on another cardigan that I don’t have enough yarn for, by half at least. It will all work out fine, no idea how.

It’s a second That Girl! Summer Jacket by Nikol Lohr, I loved knitting the first one so much, a second one was inevitable.

This time round, the yarn is Adriafil Venezia, in 045 which is a peachy orange with flecks of gold lurex. It’s quite fine like 4ply, but is also a bit stiff so knits up as aran (I didn’t believe it till I swatched, sometimes it’s annoying how smug swatches are).

In other news, if I had £1 for every time I panicked, put on a hazmat suit and prepared all the tools for the elimination of some giant, terrifying, wiggy-legged insect creature which has invaded my home, only to discover that it’s a little snippet of my yarn, I would be rich enough to buy the galaxy.

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