Loop Stitch

Posted in Knitting

Hurrah! Loop stitch turns out to be much easier than it looks.

The stitch is constructed by poking the right needle through the left stitch as if to knit, wrapping the yarn clockwise round the left needle and index finger twice, then once more round just the needle, then knitting those three wraps together to make one stitch on the right needle with two loops secured under it. All the youtube videos about loop stitch probably explain it better, although most of them only seem to involve making one loop and my pattern calls for two.

I was expecting tension problems and uneven loops while learning the stitch, but it would actually be hard to create uneven loops because the yarn is always wrapped round the same finger and it’s easy to feel if it’s too loose or tight. The loops don’t feel entirely secure, but this might be because of the two loops thing.

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