Making Lampshades at The Make Lounge

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Last night I had an awesome evening at The Make Lounge whipping up this lampshade – it’s easier than it looks and made from just a 30cm strip of printed cotton. Tutor and designer of amazing lampshades,Helen Rawlinson guided us through the construction and the final result is absolutely perfect, unlike most things I’ve made, there’s no tiny bit in this that bothers me.

The fabric was chosen because it reminds me of the curtains in the caravan from childhood holidays, it’s a nod towards the lovely lampshades I’m rather in love with at Love Frankie and most importantly, it goes with the peach walls.

The lampshade is hanging in the hall in pride of place, bringing a little floral sunshine and hopefully distracting from the pile of old shoes.

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  1. Love it!!

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