Amy Pond Blanket Square

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When I visited the Doctor Who Experience, I snapped a few close-ups of Amy Pond‘s jumper to see how the lace pattern was constructed. After asking for help on Ravelry, Tom of Holland took one look at the picture and worked out the pattern off the top of his head. I’ve charted, swatched  and tweaked it and made a blanket square for a blanket I’m working on.

You can use the chart here to make your own blanket square or if you must, a dishcloth*.  You could also use the pattern for a jumper, if you’re more ambitious!

The instructions include a 3 stitch garter boarder all the way round which I didn’t actually use for my square, but would be perfect for dishcloths.

*If you were travelling the universe in the TARDIS would you stop to wash dishes? No.

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