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I saw someone tatting at the weekend and had to have a go, despite not having the right thread or a shuttle. Used a knitting bobbin as a temporary shuttle.  Having read as much as I can online about tatting in the last few hours, I can tell you that that tatters are obsessed with making the ring, the one ring, and I’ve singularly failed to make a ring here, no idea why, but I have just about mastered a double stitch (the knots) and some wobbly picots (the loopy bits).

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  1. I really, really want to learn tatting, I got a book and just looked at it with a big blank face. I even have a bobbing somewhere but Meh. 🙁

  2. i have been looking at tatting sites recently as well — my great-aunt taught me to tat when i was a child, and like pippa, i have a shuttle around *somewhere*. i hope you post some of your results!

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